Winston Privacy

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Take control of your online privacy with Winston. While online, our data is constantly being collected by hundreds of trackers, data brokers, tech companies, and governments. Even VPNs can harvest and sell your data. You’re no longer an Internet user, you are the product. Winston puts average consumers in control by enabling them to choose what gets tracked. Simply plug Winston in between your modem and router for comprehensive privacy and security on every IoT device in your home. The result is a faster, cleaner, and more secure browsing experience. This is real privacy for the real world. What used to take multiple devices, extensions, time, hassle, and knowledge can now be accomplished in one simple plug-and-play device with a revolutionary, truly zero-knowledge platform. There is no logging or knowledge of your internet activity by anyone other than you. Winston automatically blocks unnecessary connections that pose the greatest threat to your online privacy and uses encrypted DNS to keep your ISP from tracking your browsing activity and prevent DNS Rebinding attacks. Winston’s browser extension adds intelligent cookie blocking and anti-fingerprinting so you aren’t tracked. A Winston subscription keeps your block lists and firmware updated, and provides access to a proprietary Distributed Privacy Mesh Network that routes your traffic across other Winstons, making it impossible to identify your IP address. With the combined power of our hardware and browser extension, Winston is able to provide a comprehensive privacy solution, unlike anything on the market