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Chicago Innovation Award Winner


Winner in: 2008
Winning Product: Streamlined Promotional Products
Winner Category: Chicago Innovation Award
Industry: Business Services

For many years, distributors within the promotional products industry have been consolidating. The $18 billion industry has been plagued by increased bureaucracy, which has lowered the quality of customer brand maintenance. In response, Nicole Loftus created a shortened supply chain model called the Collaborative Zorch Portal. This total game-changing innovation for the promotional products industry eliminates the middle men and establishes a seamless and transparent supply chain. Zorch took what looks like a traditional promotional products catalogue and turned it into a collaborative online buying community, allowing manufacturing companies to share their customer service and merchandising knowledge with the largest corporations in the world. Now, large companies can buy their promotional products directly from the manufacturer using the Zorch Collaborative Portal, ensuring maintenance of their brand and control over the final product in the process. Since then, large institutions such as BP, JP Morgan-Chase, and AT&T have switched to this more efficient model to save millions.

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