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Paul Kitti

Innovators Connection Program Manager Avery Stone Fish on How Startups and Large Corporations Connect Successfully

Posted: July 17 2018 by Paul Kitti - Press

How Startups and Large Corporations Connect Successfully by Avery Stone Fish Chicago has evolved from a city of large corporations to an ecosystem that includes entrepreneurs and startups. With the growth of incubators and accelerators, with over 100 shared workspaces and incubators in Chicago today (source), large corporations are continuing to see the value of

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Winners spotlight: interview with Brian Krause, VP of Global Marketing & Communications, Molex

Posted: April 2 2018 by Paul Kitti - Press

Chicago Innovation “Winners Spotlight” Interview Brian Krause, VP of Global Marketing & Communications, Molex   Avery: In a nutshell, where are you now? What’s new with Molex? Brian: Molex continues to innovate and drive new products. Just recently we participated in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where we demonstrated a new automotive Ethernet

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The Wealth of Chicagoland’s Network is not Measured in Dollars — article by Chicago Innovation Awards Nominee Research Coordinator, Jena Pianin

Posted: November 30 2016 by Paul Kitti - Press

As companies nominate for the Chicago Innovation Awards they are judged on; -To what degree do their company fill and unmet need? -What is the market impact of the innovation? -What benefits does this innovation bring to end-users? This year, 643 nominees presented their case. In 2015, 534 argued their innovations ability to fill in

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Illinois Tech launches Innovation MBA in partnership with the Chicago Innovation Awards

Posted: May 4 2016 by Paul Kitti - Press

Illinois Tech and Chicago Innovation Awards Announce Joint Venture Featuring an Innovation-Focused Accelerated M.B.A. Program The partnership provides a $10,000 scholarship and links students to Chicago’s innovation community Chicago – May 4, 2016 – Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology has announced a joint venture with Chicago Innovation Awards featuring a new

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Killer Innovation talk radio show asks Tom Kuczmarski to name the 3 things that every organization should do to be truly innovative

Posted: April 12 2016 by Paul Kitti - Press

It seems that every organization is looking for the secrets to make their teams more innovative. Is it hiring? Or is it office space design? In this weeks Killer Innovations Show, Thomas D. Kuczmarski, president and founder of Kuczmarski Innovation and co-founder (with journalist Dan Miller) of the Chicago Innovation Awards, shares his thoughts on

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Blog Post: “The Maker Movement Comes to Genetics” by Ben Kleinman, Director, Innovators Connection

Posted: January 27 2016 by Paul Kitti - Press

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on “plant hackers,” biotechnology hobbyists who tinker with genetics in pursuit of blue roses, fragrant moss and luminescent plants ( Much like do-it-yourself makers creating all manner of IoT enabled devices, plant hackers are combining their curiosity with a can-do attitude and taking advantage of readily available

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